Electromechanical Ram for Domestic or Commercial use on swing gates 

Suitable for domestic gates of up to 3000mm per leaf (4000mm with lock) Easy to fit, the long stroke of these rams allows great flexibility with mounting dimensions at the post. Safe and user-friendly with an effortless release for quick emergency openings.

Generally a more economical gate automation system than the underground system, Rams are mounted on the back of each gate leaf. This form of automation is particularly popular on wooden five bar farm type gates, although it is equally suited to most timber and wrought iron gate designs.

Suitable for: Metal Gates, Timber Gates, smaller close boarded gates and domestic duty.

Sturdy, quiet, reliable and durable. It can be powered by 230V, 110V or 12V.

Low voltage models can be also supplied by solar panel or by a back-up battery allowing automatic opening even in case of power cut.

Ram for domestic and industrial gatesRam for domestic and industrial gates