Anglian Gates portfolio gallery

Anglian Gates specialises in the manufacture of gates for use with automation and works closely with both domestic and commercial installations.

Any gates that are manufactured for automation are sometimes constructed in a different way to standard manual gates, in order to cope with the extra requirements of gate automation systems. It is important to know this, so that we are able to ensure that your gates will be made to the correct specification.

Take a look at our picture gallery for examples of hand crafted gates suitable for use with gate automation and high quality manual use, both timber and wrought iron, garden gates or driveway gates.

If you wish for a quotation on any installation work please contact us, and we will arrange for a site visit so as to lend sound sensible advise and provide you with an accurate quotation.

a. Galvanised Framed.JPG a. Newmarket.JPG a.a Works Van.JPG a.Cambridge.jpg a.concave HW gates.JPG a.Gates with sight panel.JPG a.Hardwood gates.JPG a.Harwood slider.JPG a.Oakington.JPG a.Pair of Gates.JPG a.Panels and Gates.JPG a.Pidley.JPG a.Saffron.JPG a.Softwood Gates.JPG a.Softwood underground.JPG a.steel bow topped.JPG a.Timbergate Brick Pilars.jpg a.Underground Harwood Gates.jpg a.Underground Kit.jpg a.Underground Motor.jpg a.Underground Motors - Oak.JPG a.Underground Newmarket.JPG b.Bury Slider.JPG b.Decrotive Steel gates.jpg b.Dectrotive Iron Gates.jpg b.Field gate hardwood.JPG b.Field gates on rams.JPG b.Fieldgate-underground.JPG b.Godmanchester.JPG b.Hardwood manual gates.JPG b.Hardwood Pedestrian gate.JPG b.Hardwood Steel Framed.JPG b.Harwood Gates.jpg b.Manual Hardwood Gates.JPG b.Mechanical rams on Steel Gates.jpg b.Mechanical Rams.jpg b.New Hardwood Gates.JPG b.Ram Kit.jpg b.Sepeale Hardwood Slider.JPG b.Softwood Field Gates.JPG b.Softwood Gates.JPG b.Softwood manual gates.JPG b.Softwood manual.JPG b.square topped HW gates.JPG b.Steel Gate.JPG b.Steel Gates.jpg b.Steel Single Opener.JPG b.Stuckley.JPG b.SW Gates.JPG b.Wooden Gates with rams.jpg b.Wrought Iron Gates.jpg c. Hydrolic Rams (2).JPG c. Hydrolic Rams.JPG c.Articulated Arm Kit.jpg c.Articulated arm solution.JPG c.Articulated Cranked Arm.jpg c.Bow topped.JPG c.Cranked Arm.jpg c.Field Gate Slider.JPG c.Industrial Swing gates.jpg c.Iron Gates.jpg c.Pedestrian Gates.jpg c.Peterbourgh.JPG c.Softwood domed topped.JPG c.Steel Gates using Articulated Arms.jpg c.SW Gates.JPG c.Untreated Gates.JPG c.Waltham.JPG c.Wrought iron.JPG Chesterton.JPG Colchester.JPG d.Galvanised Sliding.JPG d.Industrial Sliding gate.jpg d.Red sliding.jpg d.Security Sliding Gate.jpg d.Sliding Gate Kit.jpg d.Sliding gate system.jpg d.Sliding Installation.JPG d.steel fram sliding gate.JPG stained hw gates.JPG e.Solar Panels (2).jpg e.Solar Panels.jpg f.Barrier Control.jpg f.Barrier stop sign.jpg f.Barrier.jpg f.Coin machine.jpg f.Hardwood sight gate.JPG f.Meldreth.JPG f.Parking Lights2.jpg f.pedestrian field gate.JPG f.Rising Bollards.jpg f.Rising Traffic Bollard.jpg f.St Ives Barrier.JPG g.Ariel.jpg g.Battery Backup.jpg manual gates.JPG g.Cable reels.jpg g.Coin - Card Reader.jpg g.Control Board.jpg g.Control Panel.jpg g.Intercom System.jpg g.Key Fob  button.jpg g.LOOP CABLE.jpg g.Loop Detector.jpg g.Manual Hard Wood.JPG g.Manual.JPG g.Sensors.jpg gDomed top gates.JPG h.Control Board Reader.jpg h.Force Tester.jpg h.SAFETY EDGE2.jpg Hemmingford Grey.JPG Hemmingford.JPG Hertford.JPG july 214.JPG july 224.JPG May 12 215-001.JPG Much Haddam.JPG Sep 001.JPG Wisbeach.JPG Witchford.JPG Works Van.JPG