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gate automation

service covering the supply, installation and maintenance of all forms of wrought iron gates,wooden gates,wooden garden gates or existing entrance gates for both domestic and commercial applications.

Why have electric gates?

Many residential houses have wooden gates or wrought iron driveway gates but more often than not they are left open, because of the hassle of manually opening and closing the gates to get into the property. An open gate is not a gate.

Having automated electric gates was only available to the wealthy, but as technology has changed, so to have the costs making it affordable to an increasing number of properties.

Automation Systems

Using technology from major manufactures like BFT and CAME we can provide comprehensive gate automation solutions. We can automate existing wrought iron gates, wooden garden gates or manufacture new gates to customer’s requirements. Each gate is handmade, then treated to the highest standards, either with wood preservative, paint or coatings to metal gates, like powder coatings or galvanised finishes.

At Anglian Gates we can fit gate automation controls to enable automatic access, with keypads or speech or even mobile phones using GSM technology, giving added security along with the ease of electronic operation.

Full service and contract maintenance is offered, with breakdown cover. Also we can produce railings, fences, security bars and grills in wrought iron or wooden to match each gate system if required.


Gate Automation Systems are designed to achieve high levels of safety and security. They should be installed with detection devices that prevent operation if objects or people are in the way, guaranteeing safe activation. Children should not be allowed to play in the area of an automated system. To prevent accidental activation, keep all remote controls away from children: They are not toys!

Gate automation | Wooden garden gates | Wrought iron gates

Our Packages

  • Electromechanical Underground kits for swing gates
  • External kits for swing gates
  • External kits for sliding gates

Added options

  • Electric deadlocks for added security
  • Video and/or Audio entry systems Keypad entry systems
  • Keypad entry systems
  • Induction Loop/Push button exit systems
  • Fob entry systems for larger commercial premises.
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